Why Webstock is so cool ???


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Webstock is the perfect place to connect with the people in our industry. I love the being about to chat to people from all over. Debating the merits of internships, talking about how to get the best out of people, figuring out how we can deliver more WOW to our clients.


  • Scott Berken – As a person driven by ideas, understanding the mechanics of innovation was great.
  • Damien Conway – The stand out session of the conference, he presented us with relevant with a the level of fun and humour that was unsurpassed.
  • Dan Cederholm – Flashbacks to past clients saying not enough WOW. He also provide good examples of where Microformats are being used.
  • Simon Willison – Explained the merits and pitfalls of OpenId.
  • Michael Lopp – Hmmm, How do I find more free electrons?
  • Jason Santa Maria – Providing a reality check in terms of real design.
  • Peter Morville – Ambient Findability and why search is _so_ important.
  • Zef and Provoke and Jimi – What a live performance!
  • Mike (the Full Monty) Riversdale – bridging the gap between Enterprise 2.0 (suits) and the web world (tshirt guys)

Full credit to Tasha Hall, Mike Brown, Debbie Sidelinger, Ben Lampard, Miraz Jordan, and Siggy Magnusson. Take a bow, you guys deserve a holiday !

One Response to “Why Webstock is so cool ???”

  1. Mike Riversdale Says:

    Glad you like the preso enough to add it to this esteemed list John, ‘preciate it …

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