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Entrepreneurial Proverbs

Thursday, June 15th, 2006

I recently found this article on entrepreneurship by Marc Hedlund – O’Reilly’s entrepreneur in residence. Its a great article on some of the key things to remember when you creating and building a new business.

I have a couple of pearls of wisdom that I would add to Mark’s list

  • Explain your idea using stories – Its easy to explain why your idea is smarter, faster and better than anything else on the market. Unless you can get people to relate to your idea, its worth nothing. Its better to explain how you can make their life better by using your product or service that’s important.
  • Use PR to help launch idea – Don’t underestimate the power of PR to help your cause. Blogs help you get infront of the market early adopters. PR can help you get into front of the main stream. A timely newapaper article or radio interview do wonders to help get your idea into the minds of your target audience.
  • John

    Announcing the preview release of

    Wednesday, June 14th, 2006

    Ben gave our presentation outlining the zopto addressing system.

    In a nutshell the zopto addressing system is a way to translate a address into a user friendly url that you can use anywhere.

    You can find a map for the Fairmont Hotel via accessing the url

    It’s a great way to reference locations and places.

    Check out the preview release of and give us your feedback.

    Road to Where 2.0…

    Saturday, June 10th, 2006

    Projectx has been invited to the Where 2.0 conference in San Jose. Ben is speaking at the conference on the Zopto addressing system on Tuesday.

    Ben and I now in San Francisco preparing for the conference. Both of us are plugging in via the wonders of free internet that seems to be nearly everywhere.

    Thanks to all the support we have received from everyone back home in New Zealand.

    one step at a time

    Thursday, June 1st, 2006

    We are pleased to be helping people find Amy Banson as she walks for charity from Brisbane to Canberra. You can see where she has been already in the group Amy Banson – Walk with a rose.

    Amy is currently catching up a few lost km’s by touring the surrounds of Warwick.
    <iframe src=”” style=”width:450px;height:300px”>

    Check out heaps on information on her blog and loads of pictures on flickr.

    We will soon be adding a group of where Amy will be walking as she may be coming to your town soon.