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Internet Blackout Success

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

We at ZoomIn joined the internet blackout last week, along with many others.

The recent news of the delay of Section 92A is good news. We have now removed our “dark maps” as the black out has ended. Thank you all for your comments as well as participation in the blackout.

Joining the Internet Blackout

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009


We at ProjectX support the movement to blackout in protest against the Guilt Upon Accusation law Section 92A. In solidarity to the blackout movement, we have “blacked” out our maps on and

This blackout will be in effect until February 23rd, 2009.

If you are interested in helping out and have Google maps, here’s the code we used to black out our maps:

//Assume you have a map object
//Create a BlackOutMessageControl
function BlackoutMessageControl() {}
BlackoutMessageControl.prototype = new GControl();
BlackoutMessageControl.prototype.initialize = function(map) {
var container = document.createElement("div");

var src = “”

var link = document.createElement(“a”);
link.setAttribute(‘href’, src);
link.setAttribute(‘title’, “Internet Blackout NZ”);
link.appendChild(document.createTextNode(‘Why is the map “blacked” out?’)); = “#ffffff”;

GEvent.addDomListener(container, “click”, function() {
window.location = src;
GEvent.addDomListener(container, “mouseover”, function() { = “underline”;
GEvent.addDomListener(container, “mouseout”, function() { = “none”;

return container;
BlackoutMessageControl.prototype.getDefaultPosition = function(){
return new GControlPosition(G_ANCHOR_TOP_LEFT, new GSize(75, 7));
// Sets the proper CSS for the given button element.
BlackoutMessageControl.prototype.setButtonStyle_ = function(button) { = “none”; = “#ffffff”; = “black”; = “1px solid black”; = “2px”; = “3px”; = “center”; = “20em”; = “pointer”;

//Dark maps
var myCopyright = new GCopyrightCollection(“© “);
myCopyright.addCopyright(new GCopyright(‘Demo’,
new GLatLngBounds(new GLatLng(-90,-180), new GLatLng(90,180)),
0,’©2008 ProjectX Technology’));
var tilelayer = new GTileLayer(myCopyright);
tilelayer.getTileUrl = function() { return “/images/dark_map.gif”; };  //Modify the image location to suit
tilelayer.isPng = function() { return false;};
tilelayer.getOpacity = function() { return 0.5; }
var myTileLayer = new GTileLayerOverlay(tilelayer);
map.setCenter(new GLatLng(37.4419, -122.1419), 13);
map.addControl(new BlackoutMessageControl());

You can use the image(dark_map.gif) below


Getting from A to B – introducing directions on ZoomIn

Monday, February 9th, 2009


We’ve launched a new feature on ZoomIn today – Directions! Thanks to the awesome power of the Google API, you can now show you how to get from A to B on ZoomIn.

You can get directions from any address or place in ZoomIn or simply click on the “Get Directions” link at the top of the page. Its really easy ! Find your way to Te Papa, or Sky City Tower.