Thinking about Mapsicle

Just seen this blog post about Augmented Reality – a new interface to search, explore and discover.

The blog post has capture the essence of the potential in Mapsicle.

State of the art augmented reality apps enable you to check out what’s around your current position and put it in context of what you can see in a certain direction – soon we’ll find out what’s around the corner in the same photorealistic way – but without having to walk there if it is not worth it.

Thinking about Mapsicle…

We can virtually explore and use augmented virtual reality as an intuitive real world metaphor for search, exploration and discovery.

Mapsicle can be used to make a number of interactive applications to virtually explore locations. What about an streetview driven kiosk to explore a theme park like Legoland or Disneyland.

We’re entering a new age of mashups powered by streetview based applications.

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