Beyond Mapsicle 1.0 – we need your help

Mapsicle 1.0 is live and we’re already thinking about how to make it even better. Its opensource, so we are looking to what features developers want as they look to use it to build applications.

Here is a list of enhancements we’ve been thinking about:

  • Reverse Geocoder for Mapsicle – We want to be able to “click anywhere” on Streetview and return the relative position in 2d space where that point is a lat long. This functionality would help developers to enable users to click on streetview as an easy way to add content.
    This presents a number of challenges as its difficult to be able to translate the depth of the field of view relative to the current position. Is where you are clicking in the next block or across a field or far away from your content location?

    Its hard to calculate – You could use a vector/line pointing out from the location intersecting where you clicked on the map and then geocode along that line to find a set of lat / longs to estimate the location you are looking for. Also you could use the a normal map to triangulate position in 2d space. Or could the streetview navigation polygon help to determine the lat long / position on the surface of the building?

  • Polygons and Polylines – We need to add polygons and polylines to Mapsicle. Imagine being able to create a polygon to match the shape of a building or outline a floor of a building. You would need to be able to click on the polygons like selecting a floor on a building.

    If we create polygons and align them to the surface of a building then we can transform images and create virtual billboards.

  • Height – What’s the height of a position relative to the ground. This would allow applications to figure out the height of a point on a building.
  • Advanced Info-windows – Integrate the advanced info windows as seen in the native google maps API into streetview.

We need you help, we’d love your involvement in making Mapsicle and streetview applications even better.

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