Summer of code interns favourite things….

We asked our dozen Summer of code interns about their some of their favourite things…


Lasagne, pasta, chinese, pizza, chicken biryani and rice, curry, fish&chips, Mexican, homemade rolls, sweet and sour pork, miso soup and sushi.


Beer, Raspberry and coke, green tea, coke, Gingerbeer, Bundaberg Lemon Lime and Bitters, apple and juicy pear Fresh-up, V and other caffeinated products.


Incubus, Beyond (Hong Kong), Pink Floyd, Cake, The Killers, Lagwagon, Spoken, Shooting Stars, Muse, The Killers, Alkaline Trio, The Shins, Queens of the Stone Age, The Living End and Green Day.


Prison Break, Friends, Venture Brothers, the Family Guy, Scrubs, Heroes. House M.D.


Napolean Dynamite, Jackie Chan’s ‘Who Am I?’ Fiteclub, Pulp Fiction, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Forest Gump, a Beautiful Mind, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Trainspotting and American Beauty.

Top 10 Places to be in Wellington

Creative HQ!, the Harbour, the Zoo, Airport, home, the waterfront, bunker overlooking Lyall Bay, top of Wrights hill in Karori in a warm car, the bookshops on Lambton Quay, with their mates and the Botanic Gardens.


God of War, Kingdom Hearts II, catch phrase, World of Warcraft, Gears of War, Oblivion, Halo2, PC, RL, Zelda Twilight Princess.

Must have gadget:

PSP, multi-touch screens, mp3 player, to be invented, Nintendo Wii

Must have in 2007

PS3, Wireless, ipv6, sound, the ability to fly, teleportation, everlasting gobstoppers, flying cars, Vista, Office 07, various Xbox360 games, further standardisation of 64bit chips, chips with more cores, Playstation 3, iPhone.

Dream Holiday Destination:

New York, Germany, France, Poland, Canada, Nederland, Italy, Europe, Antarctica, Iceland, London, Sydney, tropical beaches, Fiji.

Previous employers:

Electrician, contract web developer, student, redvespa IT support, electronic salesperson, garden centre, tutor at Victoria University, the Warehouse, McDonalds, consulting company.

Could not live without..

Mac Mini’s, head, brain, ipod, laptops and computers, camera’s, internet access, food and drink, bed’s.

This summer they are REALLY looking forward to…

The sun, holidays up North, graduation, exciting plans, next summer, new camera and longboard, having money to trade for goods and services, NYE, surfing, hanging out with mates, biking, Christmas, Parachute 2007!, getting ridiculously sunburnt, working for Creative HQ incubator companies.

If they won Lotto they would…

Save the world (whatever that means!), invest it all and live off the interest, be rich, be surprised, travelling on a luxury yacht, zooming round in a helicopter, travelling and philantrophizing, spend it in 1 day, buy anything and everything.

Right now they would rather be a…

Software developer, doing their job!, spending someone elses money, sleeping, more awake, rich.

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