Why microsoft still doesn't get it….

I just got sent a .docx file.(I had to look up the fact its a word doc xml file from the new word.) I have been trying to open it, as I dont have the new word and I’m don’t know why I would buy it. And to my disgust, I can’t open it. A quick google tells me that I need to rename the file to a .zip and then extract the xml and then sift the files to find something I can look at.

What a ROYAL pain in the ass!

I thought for a moment that surely microsoft would have some proper instructions or a convertor. To my surprise, this is what I found…. Exploring Office open XML content . I do have use this process to extract the documents. It inspires you with confidence when Microsoft tell you to ignore a warning !

I am a big supporter of open standards and XML, but why dont they make it easier for normal people. I am a geek (which means I’ll try and make it work) but I dont have time to muck with extracting files to read a word document !



Just used the converter to convert docx to text http
to look at the document.

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