Global webpage test figures

Patrick Meenan of AOL has released aggregated data results of a years data of web page testing from

Here a quick summary of the results:

Average Load Time: 10.1 seconds
Average Time to First Byte: 1.1 seconds
Average Time to Start Render: 3.8 seconds

Average Page Size: 510 KB
Average Number of Requests: 50
Average Number of Redirects: 1

Comparing that to the web performance audit of the top 100 NZ websites.

Average homepage size: 359.6K
Average download time: 3.85
Average total requests: 57.2

Looks like NZ homepages are starting to get the message.

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  1. Rob Holmes Says:

    Those who monitor the Google blog will have seen their recent post “Let’s make the web faster”.
    Don’t bother watching the video – but the resources they point to are worth being aware of:

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