Free Seminar on Using Google Maps

We’re working with Zawadzki Limited to bring a high level seminar on “Using Google Maps”. The seminar is in Wellington on Friday 26th September 8:30am to 10:30am. The event is free, but you will need to register for the event.

Here is the overview for the seminar:

Using Google Maps

Google Maps is a great tool for making the data you already hold more accessible to your staff, your customers, or the public. Using Google Maps as your platform, you can:

make it easy for all your staff to benefit from the geospatial information you already maintain
link information stores to Maps and help users find and interpret information faster
engage your public with interactive Maps-based applications

In this two hour session we will cover:

  • What types of information can be presented using Google Maps
  • How to use Google Maps to visualise your existing information sets
  • How to augment your systems with Google Maps as a front-end
  • Examples of effective use of Google Maps
  • What is involved in piloting your first Google Maps application and common pitfalls
  • Licensing for Google Maps and differences between the Free, Premiere and Enterprise versions

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