Silverstripe become the first NZ company to be accepted to Google Summer of Code

Congratulations to Silverstripe for being accepted in Google Summer of Code!

They had a fantastic plug from Chris Di Bona.

“I feel SilverStripe is a great example of a well-constructed open source project. It makes innovative use of technology but it is easy to use, which is just as important for open source, so it is a good candidate for Google to support. With so much going on in the web- development arena, it will be easy for Summer of Code developers to contribute, and with the mentors having helped students in the past, we were happy to trust SilverStripe to be the first New Zealand organisation involved.”

— Chris DiBona, Open Source Programs Manager, Google Inc.

So, if you’re a student and looking to work on kick ass project with some serious cool people AND getting paid by Google. Check out Silverstripe’s projects and apply to the Google Summer of Code.

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