New API functions…

We’re happy to introduce some great new features added to the ZoomIn Mapping System (ZMS) API:



The mini map can be added to any ZMS map to give the users a quick overview of the area displayed on the map. It shows you more of the region and lets you navigate quickly around large areas. Find out how to use the mini-map.

Built-in projection translation

The API now contains functionality to translate between coordinates in WSG84 and NZTM projections. This is a great feature as it means that you don’t have to convert your coordinate data. We’ll do it for you. Find out more about Glatlong.

Text window


This innovative feature lets you annotate maps with text notes. Think of it as leaving PostIt notes on the map. Look at the examples) and the API reference to find out how too take advantage of this feature.

Scroll wheel support

Now you can use the scroll wheel on your mouse to quickly zoom in and out of the map. You can control whether you want this capability on your map or not. Find out how to implement the scroll wheel..

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