Crime 10K – our submission to the Geo Spatial Mashup challenge


Here is our entry to the GeoSpatial Mash-up competition.The purpose of the competition was to demostratewhat different visualisations could be achieved using maps and data from the Stats dept. like census data.

The theme for our mashup is that we chosen to show  the number of recorded offences for every 10,000 residents across New Zealand.The mashup show the number of crimes highlight by colour over the different Police regions across New Zealand.

The Mashup is built on top of Google Maps API and KML. Unfortunately it highlights some of the problems in visualising data using KML. Anytime we wanted to change the shading of the polygon we had to load another entire KMZ file. This is not the best approach in building a lean mapping application.

This highlights one of the problems with KML and provide an opportunity for us to introduce Tardis – our mapping visualiation tool. We’ve built Crime 10k Tardis version using flash, to highlight how much faster and interactive visualisation can be.

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