Foo baa'd

Well, I’m a bit late to the party in terms of writing about Foo Camp that’s because I was pretty knackered to start with. So I thought I’d just write about my personal highlights:

(Note to self. Don’t pack in 5 meetings in one day before foo camp, and thus lose your voice !)

  • Great to catch up lots of people from all around NZ, Ben and Nick, Tasha, Glenn, Robert and Robert
  • Seminars were great, but discussions outside were much better.
  • Debating the merits of Internships (Summer of Code) with a selection of academic and industry people.
  • The Torkingtons’ jammin’ out some catchy tunes on the double bass, guitar and banjo.
  • Seeing niche discussion groups spring up and thrash out ideas.
  • Watching Toby hacked up a object tracking system with a webcam within a couple of hours.
  • Having a play with a Meraki device
  • Eating the best conference food for many a year

And finally a big thanks to Vern, Russell, Nat and Jenine for putting it all together. You guys are awesome!

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