The internet is forever…

I have been slowly catching up with my blog reading and I was quite distressed to read Zed Shaw’s ferocious ‘rant’ yesterday – Rails is a Ghetto. Zed was the creator of Mongrel and well respect programmer. Unfortunately, he felt spurned and has vented for all to see. Not only has he taken off the gloves and he’s using piledrivers and bodyslams to make a point.

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Its really unfortunate, that he’s chosen this way to deal with it. The internet is forever, he’s burned napalmed a number of relationships in the process. After reading his rant, I can understand his point of view and agree with some of his observations . Unfortunately, the general tone of article is of hate and anger, which negates all the good points he had to say.

This also reminds me that we live in a small world, if you say or do stupid stuff, word gets around and it can come back to bite you. I’ve been on both sides of this type of gossip and its not fun and only shows how petty people can be. We’re all affected by our emotions and it takes more courage to do the right thing.

I have just finished reading Nelson Mandela’s “Long Walk to Freedom”. All this seems pretty trivial when you compare that kid of struggle. But it has some parallels, it highlights how important communication is when trying to get anything major done. As with life you’ve got to be able to make compromises to ensure you can meet the ultimate goal. If you do spend your time in flame wars then no good will come of hit. Someone has to have the balls to make the first move and make things happen.

4 Responses to “The internet is forever…”

  1. David Jones Says:

    I agree with you John about Zed’s post. Many valid points but he didn’t set the tone quite right to make it seem credible. Maybe took it a little too far?

  2. Andrew Says:

    Your maps are great guys – but aren’t they just a re-badged version of Google Maps?

  3. john Says:

    Our maps are completely different from Google maps. We share a similar API naming convention, but they are very different. Our maps are more upto date eg. We have the Wellington bypass etc.

    We also can show any projection format on the map. WGS84, NZTM, NZMG.

  4. Shoaib Says:

    lol i read all of Zeds post/rant .. i enjoyed it … then i also thought what sort of impression does that put on me as a new ruby on rails developer.

    Am i really wasting my time? .. thanks for sharing john

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