All I want for Xmas….

Here’s my wishlist for Xmas:

  • $NZ500 smart phone with 2MP camera and GPS – iPhone has redefined what a phone should be all about. (And at a sensible price $US399) I want to update my aging Treo to GPS phone and N95 is too expensive.
  • Instant messaging style status on Phone: When I look up a number in my address book it tells their status .eg In a meeting.
  • Long life batteries: Must have more power ! Maybe sooner than we think
  • Global TV / Movie release times: We live in a global economy, so why is media still lagging behind. We should have global release times for all content. Why torrent, when download a legit copy from iTunes.
  • Decent broadband speeds: Other countries have 24+MB broadband, why can’t NZ.
  • Lower cellphone charges: We’ve been paying too much for too long!

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