The power of facebook – the real numbers

Techcrunch have posted about some of the user numbers behind facebook. Paul Francis compiled a spreadsheet of the numbers.

NZ has 250,760 users – 71,600 male (28.55%) and 179,160 female (71.45%) ! Women outnumber men more than 2 to 1!

Looking at those numbers I would guess that we have a lot of ex-pats still calling NZ home. That’s a lot of people using face book! If what they say is true that more than 50% of facebookers log on once a day. That should put it squarely behind Trade me in terms of visits (althought bebo is more popular in NZ than facebook).

So if you’re looking for a captive NZ audience, then launching a facebook app to that audience is very very appealing. I’m not convinced that people pay any attention to the advertising!

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  1. thomas scovell Says:

    those (gender) numbers are quite inaccurate (as the post itself notes in an edit) – you don’t need to include a gender when signing-up to fb. (so total users – a single gender != the other gender, which is what was done in this case)

    Its more like 60:40 women:men, I pulled some other stats here:

  2. john Says:

    Yeah, the gender numbers are definitely not 100% accurate. Most people don’t fill in all the options. I’m more amazed at the total numbers, 250K is a lot of people. This represents a lot opportunities, especially due to the high activity rate of the users.

  3. Paul Chilton Says:

    I’ve written an open-source app for FaceBook that uses ZoomIn, figured out the captive audience thing a while ago, and looking at hooking into other types of systems (eg Moodle); building the community a lot harder than writing apps 🙂

    Aimed at NZ audience (ZoomIn, and in early stages of integration. Feedback welcome!

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