Summer of Code Seminar 3 – Has NZ got game ?

Summer of Code rolls on with a monster line up speakers.

This week Sidhe, coming soon Weta Digital and Trade Me.

Title: Has New Zealand Got Game?
hosted by Tyrone McAuley of Sidhe

When: 27th November 2007
Time: 12:00pm
Place: MY632 Kelburn Campus -Murphy Building
Map: ZoomIn

Topic: Has New Zealand got game? by Tyrone McAuley.

The videogame industry has grown and evolved immensely over the last decade. It is no longer a world of small developers building niche games played by geeks and nerds. It’s a big, global business with an appeal firmly entrenched in pop culture. It is beginning to rival the film industry as an entertainment medium and it continues to grow and evolve at a cracking pace. So where does New Zealand fit into this behemoth? Share an intimate view of the New Zealand industry through the growth and development of Sidhe Interactive and the challenges it faces in the gaming world. Find out how to get into the industry, what it means and what it takes to be a good game developer.

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