I’m back from my adventures in India…

Here’s a rough summary of what might have happened

A) Got engaged to Lulu in a traditional Mizo ceremony

B) Experienced the true reality of using the internet at 9.6K modem speed

C) Experience excellent customer service from local shops

D) Had an amazing race style adventure driving to the airport through jungles of Mizoram overtaking random obstacles (insert any of kittens, dogs, goats, cows, cars, people or pot holes, rivers) only arrive at the airport with 10 minutes to spare and experience a monsoon shower walking out to the plane!

E) All of the above.

I chose E) All of the above :-). I had a great time, youtube videos & flickr photos to come and I’ll be posting soon about my learnings from India.

We also have a client site due for launch very soon. More news on that later…

Oh and of course, Summer of Code 2.0 is coming…

ps. Slowly catching on all the blog news… Congrats to Tim from PlanHQ for a kick presentation at demo conf !

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  1. Ben Says:

    Welcome back! Congratulations to you and Lulu! Woohoo!

  2. David Jones Says:


  3. Will Bryant Says:

    Sounds brill, and congrats on the engagement!

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