Barcamp slides

Here are the slides from our talks at Bar camp.

John & Paul on “Why your website is SLOW and how you can make it fast!” – John’s slides in PDF (2.2Mb) and Paul’s slides in PDF (87K )

Tom on “Space, Place and the meaning of Where” – (Powerpoint 7.5Mb and Openoffice 7Mb)

We had a great time talking to everyone and putting faces to some famous bloggers.

Kudos to both Mike’s, Nat and Fronde staff for putting on a fantastic event!

2 Responses to “Barcamp slides”

  1. Dan Says:

    I like the way Paul’s slides are “optimised”! Seriously guys, this is great stuff. Thanks!

  2. john Says:

    heh. I saw that ! 87K and ours is mb’s !

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