iTunes now 3rd biggest music retailer in US

iTunes became the 3rd biggest music retailer in US behind Walmart and Best-buy. (It over took Amazon in January) Wow!

I wonder if anyone has any figures for NZ iTune sales. We now buy our music via iTunes, our CD purchases have all but dried up.

This re-iterates the acceptance of digital content as a medium and the need for Music companies to fully embrace digital media.

Still waiting for more selection on iTunes NZ and hanging out for iTunes movies, I’d like to be able to download movies rather than buy the DVD. 🙂

Clock is still ticking for the NZ music retailers…

2 Responses to “iTunes now 3rd biggest music retailer in US”

  1. tom Says:

    I’d just like some real bandwidth first! “Woosh”? Yeah right.

  2. john Says:

    Heh, maybe a more appropriate name is “Flush” as in your money for bad bandwidth.

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