Designing the Projectx website

I spent a bit of this afternoon setting up the Projectx website. Some of the technologies we used:

The Typo Weblogging system

One of the great things about Typo is that it has support for static pages – so you can use it as a basic Content Management System (CMS). This means we can host both our company website and weblog with one software package.

And the best bit? Typo uses Ruby on Rails.


I’ve been a fan of CSS based design for a long time. Using CSS the layout instructions for are only 100 lines of code. It helps that Typo outputs clean xhtml markup.


We host all our sites on Linux and use Subversion to manage deployment. Because we’re using Ruby for most of our web applications – we use Lighttpd, a fast and modern webserver that works well for hosting applications on FastCGI.

Ruby, Lighttpd, Linux and Postgresql. It’s the LAMP stack for Web 2.0 companies.

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