Thanks for all your feedback!

We’ve received a mountain of feedback over the last couple of months. Here’s a selection of our favourite feedback:

Overall a really excellent site … can’t believe it is free!!! – Ian

Great site to search for locations! I like it simple and fast. You guys
did a fantastic job – Alex

Awesome! Exactly what I was looking for and you save me a whole lot of
time and energy < Thanx – Jai

What an amazing site! I work in sales and most of our meetings are
onsite with the customer. This allows me to pinpoint the exact address
before I go out! – Dominic

I am loving the website it shows everything so clearly and has helped me a lot!! Well done everyone who helped in it 🙂 – Ben

Just found your site in NetGuide magazine and have been on a little “Tiki
Tour”. Wow, beats taking clumsy maps on a trip, It’s the poor man’s
Navman. Will tell all my friends, wish you all the best. – Kevin

Just tried searching for a few addresses. All showed with with minimal
effort, and with maximum info. Really cool. I quite like the way one can
browse right down to to house numbers… also the search that narrorws
down options in realtime on the home page. Keep it up. I’m going to
recommend the site to quite a few friends. – Indy

This is the most freaking amazing cool site i’ve ever had the pleasure to
find information easily on. You guys rock! Have forwarded it to all my
mates too – thanks heaps! I have such a tragic sense of direction, i’m
sure you’ve added hours onto my life – that is, time i won’t be making
wrong turns down dead ends and wrong streets. – Kylie

Thanks for all the encouragement. Keep the feedback coming, we are working hard at adding your suggestions to our site.

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