Birth of a web 2.0 app

I have been building a new application over the last week. I was doing some mundane data entry and realised that I could easily automate the whole process. So as a personal project, I am working on converting this idea into a new Web 2.0 site. I won’t give too much details about the site until later in the week.
To make sure that I am fully web 2.0 compliant, here’s my checklist:

    <font color=”green”></font> Select web 2.0 programming language: No brainer, we’re a Ruby on Rails shop, so I whacked together a prototype really quickly.
    <font color=”green”></font> Select Web 2.0 name: I thought of a name and added r on the end 🙂
    <font color=”green”></font> Design Web 2.0 Logo: Easy – I went to Web 2.0 Logo Generator, put the application name in and generated a new shiny logo with beta badge!
    <font color=”green”></font> Select Web 2.0 HTML design: I didn’t want too spend much time around on the design, so went to google and found Web 2.0 generator which gave me a shiny new CSS layout.
    <font color=”green”></font> Use external API’s: I’ve hooked into some Amazon API’s and have been customising their XML feeds.
    <font color=”green”></font> Community Interaction: I have added tags to allow users to customise their view of my data.

The site is progressing rapidly and it should be live some time next week.

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