IE 7.0 is out

Just read that IE 7.0 is out… (I’m not going to switch over until they sort out running multiple browser versions.)

I am interested to see how long it takes before IE 7.0 overtakes IE6.0’s market share. This will be interesting to see if IE 7.0 follows the typical Technology adoptation curve. (ie. Innovators / Early Adopters, Early Majority, Late Majority, Laggards).

Looking at web browser stats on ZoomIn tonight, IE 7.0 is definitely in the early adopter phase on ZoomIn. And Firefox 2.x is even further behind.

IE 6 75.0%
IE 7 2.4%
Firefox 1.x<t />

Firefox 2.x 0.5%

Safari 3.7%
Rest 3.4%

Anyone want to place some some bets on when IE 7.0 will pass IE 6.0 ?

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