A long, long time between drinks…

It been a long long while since I’ve written a blog post. This year has been a bit of a blur with lots of things happening – lots of consulting to companies, selling the services side of ProjectX, going on a holiday for two months and more consulting.

This blog will change as the focus of “ProjectX” the company has changed to represent my personal consulting business and interests. I’ve got a number of blog post queued up that I’ll be pushing out over the next few weeks and months.

Web performance: Its been a while since I posted an update to the “NZ Homepage hall of Shame” and I’ve created some interested videos on how “fast” a few of the key websites actually are to load compared to their market alternatives.

Blood rules: I’ve got some suggestions, advice, observations and learnings from the world of running an IT Start-up. These rules have been earned in “blood” ie. learnt the hard way via pain by those concerned. Topics that I will cover include founders, communication, seeking advice, partnerships and execution.

Geo-Location: I’ve been following with interest the rise of Foursquare and a demise of Yellowpages. I’ve got some interesting thoughts on where the industry is heading and how New Zealand will be lagging behind.

[The picture is of me posing next to a massive bath tube at Vatican Museum in Rome]

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