Introducing Cycling and Walking journey planner

Recently, we released the cycling and walking journeyplanner for our clients the Greater Wellington Regional Council. The journeyplanner website is an advanced map mash-up show advanced directions from different parts of the  region. What makes this site special is that we have combined a lot more data from the councils to include walkways, cycleways, tracks and extra information from all over the regional.

There are a number of unique features:

Picture 14

Routing through the Botanical Gardens

  • Suggested journeys from all over the region to highlight some of more scenic walks around the region.

Picture 21

Picture 22

  • Draggable routing over all streets, tracks and walkways around the region. We build our own custom routing engine with draggable routing front-end over google maps.
Routes are fully drag-able

Routes are fully drag-able

Picture 27

Simply select and hold the line, drag to where you would like

Picture 28

Then let go. The route and description will automatically update.

  • Elevation graph with live feedback on the map. See the little icon travel across the map as move across the elevation graph.

Picture 29a

Picture 32a

Picture 15

  • Calorie counter to figure out how much energy you could burn.

Picture 17

This has been one of the bigger projects for ProjectX and we’ve got a number of people and partners to thank.

Jill, Simon and Ian from GW. Thanks for your belief in the project and the patience to see it through to end, from wireframes to through all eight iterations until the final release. Thanks to Michael for being our physical location guru who helped connect the physical world to the data files.

Big thanks to the ProjectX team for the work on their hard work on project – Thong, Tim, Gaetan, Stephen, Cameron, Boris, Felix, Raja and Nahum. Dr Geof Leyland from Incremental for the providing our routing algorithm and advice on making it super-fast.

Our design team via Lushai user experience team- Lulu for her interaction design, and wireframes Amiria for the lead graphics, Brent and Chika for supplementary graphics.

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