New ZoomIn Release – Private Places and Video Embedding

We’ve added a couple of cool features to

Private Places – now you can set a place that you created to be private, which means that only you will be able to see it.
Or you can set the place to be visible only to a certain group.

To do this, go to a place that you have created (or create a new place), and look on the right hand side of the page. You can alter the privacy settings under the ‘Privacy Settings’ heading.

Video Embedding – now you can embed Youtube and Google Video videos in your comments and place descriptions.

To insert a youtube video:

  • find the video in youtube
  • copy the URL of the page, it should be something like

  • paste it into your comment text, between some youtube square brackets, like this:


You can do the same thing with google videos, by adding something like this to your comments:


You can see an example of an embedded video at

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