Google crawler visualisation of ZoomIn

I’ve been playing around with Google Earth animations to test its visualisation capabilities. I wanted to see how the google crawler was indexing [business:ZoomIn]. Google indexes over 150K pages a day. I’ve been curious to see how it does it. So I created a Google Earth Animation to visualise the process. We’re in the process of uploading the videos online. (The KML is too big to embed in the browser !)

In the mean time here are some images from my animation.

Here are 3 pictures showing all the points that the crawler indexed for NZ, Wellington and Auckland. (click on the images to see full size)




Enjoy! Videos to follow.

2 Responses to “Google crawler visualisation of ZoomIn”

  1. Tim Haines Says:

    Google powered animation of Google crawling a Google content driven site. Awesome.

  2. shoaib Says:

    wicked, waiting on videos.

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