5 reasons why Smaps rocked our world

Here’s  five reasons on why Smaps rocked our world -

  1. Smaps was designed to be simple and intuitive.
  2. Smaps is blazzingly fast. We worked really really hard at making the predictive search fast and it paid off.
  3. Smaps was built to scale. The site has been running off only a few servers and managed to handle peak cheap viagra uk traffic of over 65K users in one day. (This happened on the day Smaps was mentioned in the Trade Me newsletter.)
  4. Smaps was built on an open source stack – ruby on rails, postgres, apache / lighttpd running on windows and later ubuntu.
  5. Trade Me backed a small team – ProjectX and we prove together could build world class technology from Wellington.

6 Responses to “5 reasons why Smaps rocked our world”

  1. Ilai Says:

    So why did it close down?

  2. john Says:

    We were no longer able to provide services for Smaps due to a change in the commercials for the data supply.

  3. Steve Says:

    I am in mourning. Smaps was fantastic, a pleasure to use, one of a very select number of websites in NZ. Good on you ProjectX guys and a curse on those who changed the commercials that made it no longer viable.

  4. Agent24 Says:

    I agree! Smaps was my favorite NZ map website for the above reasons (though mainly because it was simple, easy and fast!)

    It was excellent while it lasted, too bad it’s gone.

  5. csj-si Says:

    So were to from here, I wont it back

  6. john Says:

    ZoomIn – http://www.zoomin.co.nz of course – We have a number of improvements on the way very very soon.