Website and Database optimisation consulting

I’ve recently conducted a survey of the top 75 websites in New Zealand called the New Zealand Homepage hall of shame.

We’ve realised there is a lack of knowledge out there when it comes to make websites faster. Starting today, I’d like to annoucement that Paul Gold (ProjectX and Auric Consulting ) and I (John Clegg) will be available on a consulting basis to help companies improve their website and systems performance.

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We’ve been working in a number of ecommerce companies for almost 10 years and we’re surprised at the lack of understanding of basic web and database optimisation. We given a couple of talks at WDANZ, Summer of Code and eGovt Barcamp over the past 12 months and it seems that the message is still not getting through.

Why does it matter?

“We see a direct correlation between the speed of our services and our bottom line.

Our customers seem inclined to spend a set time on our site per session – the more pages they can few in that time, the more they see and buy, and the more we earn.”

– John MacDonald – CEO Trade Me 2007

Speed is very important in your customers experience. Its time that we maximise that experience.

Our Goal

We specialise in helping businesses build and run fast scalable systems.

What we do:

• Focus on helping businesses achieve their objectives – We help businesses tame your technology to meet your business objectives.

Maximise web & transactional throughput – We focus on maximising the speed of the system to increase customer engagement.

Analysis of web, database and hardware bottlenecks – We are experience at locating and isolating a wide variety bottlenecks

Minimise Technology footprint – We concentrate on getting the most of your existing hardware and technology.

• Provide cost-effective solutions – We work with our customers to find solutions for their budget.

Leverage the best technologies for best results – We use a range of open source and commercial technologies to achieve the objectives.

Research high performance technologies – We research and test a number of technologies to find the best solution for projects. We have spent a lot of time researching memory caching, Web proxies and high volume web delivery technologies.

We are:

• Experienced web, database and infrastructure specialists – We have over combined 20+ years of commercial experience in building and running technology.

Experienced in scaling modern websites – We have been involved in building scalable website that include the latest AJAX technology

Experienced in Unix and Windows – We have strong commercial experience over all flavours of Unix and Windows.

Vendor neutral – We are focused on finding a solution, and will utilise existing technology to meet those needs.

Our Experience:

Our the past 10 years, we helped a number of websites perform and scale to meet their customers needs

  • ProjectX
  • Trade Me
  • / (now eBay India)

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