Rails 2.0.2 – test setup not being called

The setup method for ActionController::TestCase is useful in some circumstances, e.g. having a user login in your tests.

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def setup
login_as :quentin

However, when you run the tests, all your tests with login_required fails.

Basically, this is a bug in Rails 2.0.2 where setup is not called. This was fixed in revision 8442 (one revision after rails 2.0.2 was released). See http://dev.rubyonrails.org/ticket/10568

So, we would want that revision by using:

rake rails:freeze:edge REVISION=8442

NOTE: rubyonrails.org is down/domain expired so rake might fail. In the meantime, try svn export or some other way to get revision 8442 from another repository.

UPDATE: rubyonrails.org is back up (domain renewed)!

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