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Xlinks – 21/04/08

Monday, April 21st, 2008
    Mod js
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    Getting creative with PNG transparency
    Added on 04/20/2008 at 09:30PM

    lasix and furosemide

    10 reasons entrepreneurs need to have more vacations
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    NSFW Blocker Using MooTools and CSS: How to dynamically mask images that are not safe for work
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    IBM launches internal pilot program to test migration to Macs
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    Fostering Innovation at Pixar
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    Busy.js – javascript loading library
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    Usingjs library – Managing Javascript dependencies
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    KML is now a OGS standard
    Added on 04/15/2008 at 10:21AM

    More from 37 signals on Ricardo Semeler’s Maverick
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    XMPP: Hat tip to Rowan for spotting the new technology
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    Salesforce with Google Apps
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    37 signals on Gary Vaynerchuk branding and marketing
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    37 Signals on “Maverick ” – Ricardo Semler’s book : This is one of the best business books out therehellip
    Added on 04/10/2008 at 10:31AM

    Super Mario written in Javascript : All the Super Mario goodness in only 14k
    Added on 04/09/2008 at 07:26PM

    Heroku – RoR platform on the cloud
    Added on 04/09/2008 at 05:23PM

Rails 2.0.2 – test setup not being called

Monday, April 21st, 2008

The setup method for ActionController::TestCase is useful in some circumstances, e.g. having a user login in your tests.

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def setup
login_as :quentin

However, when you run the tests, all your tests with login_required fails.

Basically, this is a bug in Rails 2.0.2 where setup is not called. This was fixed in revision 8442 (one revision after rails 2.0.2 was released). See

So, we would want that revision by using:

rake rails:freeze:edge REVISION=8442

NOTE: is down/domain expired so rake might fail. In the meantime, try svn export or some other way to get revision 8442 from another repository.

UPDATE: is back up (domain renewed)!

Mapping and Spatial RSS feed aggregator in NZ

Monday, April 21st, 2008

I’ve decided to create a RSS (Blog) feed to aggregate all of the RSS from all of the NZ mapping and spatial companies. I thought it would a great idea to promote a single RSS feed to the industry to promote ideas, products etc.

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After a quick look at some of the top players in the space, very few have RSS feeds. (Which is very disappointing!)
If you know of a blog that should be on this list either email me john at or add it on the wiki page I have created at barcamp wiki.

Spatial bar camp

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Spatial bar camp is being held in Wellington on the 1st of May. They are running a spatial mash-up competition in which they are asking companies or people mashing spatial data. More information at

ProjectX will be submitting 2-3 entries, showcasing our new visualisation engine.

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Tuning Google sitemaps

Monday, April 14th, 2008

We’ve just taken another looking at Google sitemaps for the first time in a long while. We’ve had mixed resulting using the sitemaps. Changes that we’ve made were taking weeks to come through. So with all the frustration at the way Google indexes our site, we decided to write a little program that parses our weblogs and looks at our crawler traffic. Its been incredibly useful to see what the google crawler is upto.

Here’s how it helped us, as we refine our SEO for our recent photos page, we got to see the effects to the crawler and on the site.

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Our Google sitemap had this :


And this was our traffic before the changes

2008-04-10 /?recent/photos MSN []
2008-04-10 /?recent/photos Yahoo []
2008-04-10 /?recent/photos Yahoo []
2008-04-09 /?recent/photos Yahoo []
2008-04-08 /?recent/photos Yahoo []
2008-04-08 /?recent/photos Yahoo []
2008-04-07 /?recent/photos Yahoo []
2008-04-06 /?recent/photos Yahoo []
2008-04-06 /?recent/photos Yahoo []
2008-04-06 /?recent/photos Google []
2008-04-06 /?recent/photos Yahoo []
2008-04-05 /?recent/photos Yahoo []
2008-04-05 /?recent/photos Yahoo []

We changed the changefreq to always and it seems to have had an affect.


Using the always change frequency tag denotes that a page is dynamic and changes all the time. Our photo page doesn’t change all the time, but it wasn’t getting indexed by google as often as the content has been changing.

The change had an effect within 24 hours of changing our sitemap.

Displaying 1-25 of 70
Date Place Crawler
2008-04-13 /?recent/photos Google []
2008-04-13 /?recent/photos Google []
2008-04-13 /?recent/photos Yahoo []
2008-04-13 /?recent/photos Yahoo []
2008-04-13 /?recent/photos Yahoo []
2008-04-12 /?recent/photos Google []
2008-04-12 /?recent/photos Yahoo []
2008-04-12 /?recent/photos Yahoo []
2008-04-12 /?recent/photos Google []
2008-04-11 /?recent/photos Yahoo []

We’re currently thinking about making our seo tool opensource, as its really useful for medium sized sites to figure out what Google is upto.